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Instagram Analytics Made Easy with Hypify

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Imagine your lifelong goal is to become an olympic track athlete.   You know that this is a feat that takes an enormous amount of patience, dedication, passion, and tens of thousands of hours of hard work. Yet you decide to pursue it. Then you join your high school’s track team and compete in the 5000m event. You make gradual progress and even end up running an impressive best at 16:05 .  You even do well enough to win a scholarship and go on to compete at the university level.

However, you never end up making the Olympics because the standard in the 5000m event there is 13:25, which translates to 4:19 a mile – never mind what it takes to medal. Why? Because life and other outside events other your olympic goals got in the way.  Maybe you got distracted, slacked on keeping the right diet, backslid on your training routine, or maybe you even maintained those but became complacent and thus plateaued – never reaching that final ultimate level.

A similar phenomenon happens to most businesses and aspiring influencers that start out serious about growing their Instagram followers and engagement.  They make good content, curate it well, get a few thousand followers, and later – plateau. Why? They start posting irregularly and engaging inconsistently.   Many also become complacent with outdated growth strategies and tactics.

While a lot of businesses and aspiring influencers set long term ambitious goals – get to 10k followers for example, they never map a plan of what it takes on a day to day basis in order to get there.  And because they are not using the right metrics, most never know if they could be doing more to engage and grow their followers.

That’s why we made Hypify Analytics. And it is FREE for anyone to track, measure, and analyze any Instagram account.

Hypify Analytics allows users to get an in-depth understanding of their growth and real-time trends on Instagram so that they can stay on top of their growth goals.

Find out whether your growth strategies are working.

Hypify Analytics shows your trends in easy to understand graphs and charts.

Are you losing followers?

Staying stagnant with little growth?

Or growing followers quickly?

How many of your followers “like” your content?

More than just charting your follower growth and trends, Hypify Analytics also tracks your engagement rate.  This is also known as the percentage of your audience that actually “likes” your content.

We believe that we cannot manage what we cannot measure.

When we advise our clients on what type of content to post, we rely on the data.  And our analytics software is so powerful in that it shows which 3 of your recent posts performed the best. This then helps us understand how to better optimize your content strategy going forward.

Predict the future of your Instagram.  

Our software estimates where you will be 30 days, 60 days, 1 year, and even 2 years into the future.  This helps us see the big picture of where your Instagram is headed so that you can make the right changes to reach your short and long term goals. 

Run a FREE report and analysis of your Instagram here!

Have questions about your report?  Want to know more on how to boost your awesome brand to next level and reach your long term goals?  Request a free call with us now!

Get started and boost your brand on Instagram with Hypify today!

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