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How to change the font in your Instagram bio (and username, story highlights, and captions too).

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lingojamExpress yourself by adding something extra to your Instagram with this easy trick.

You may have seen a new trend catching on Instagram.  It was once that everything used the same font, and now users are switching things up.  Want to hop on the trend? In this post we’ll show you how to change the font in your Instagram bio, username, story highlights, and captions.

Having the right Instagram bio is critical to attracting new followers and making sure that your profile can be found by the right people. You should make sure your bio includes any relevant links to other accounts you run or are associated with, in addition to relevant hashtags and keywords so that people can find you. Emojis can also help to add creativity and some color to mix things up. Another thing that adds a bit of flavor to your bio is having a different font than the Instagram standard.

With announcement that Instagram is rolling out a new profile design where the bio section will take on a greater prominence, expressing yourself in your bio is going to be as important as ever to stand out. And the great news is that changing it is both free and easy with our new tool, Hypify Fonts. Read on to find out how to customize your Instagram bio with Hypify Fonts

1. Choose your font

instagram bio fonts copy and paste

Type in your text that you want to change, and Hypify Fonts comes up with all sorts of cool styles of fonts and symbols that can be used in Instagram.

Once you’ve found the font you want to use, hit the copy button next to it.

2. Paste in Instagram

copy and paste fonts

Open the Instagram app,  and go to Edit Profile, just paste in your new font.  Hit Submit and that’s it!

You can also use Hypify Fonts to customize your username:

hypify fonts

Story Highlights:

copy and paste fonts for instagram

And captions:

instagram captions

Just simply copy and paste the fonts wherever you’d like!  

Head over to Hypify Fonts to get started!

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